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So you've all probably seen here at werethedynamtie, we have some trouble with spammers, well in order to stop that from coming up on your flist, and such, we are have now employed a new policy;

New entries must now be approved by a moderator before they appear in the community.
It doesn't seem fair to the members that do post the correct stuff here, and I've removed some of the spammers from the members list. So this should sort out the problem for now... I hope!

Hi btw! :D
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Hey, my friend did an interview with Sean and James before their Kingston signing, for her online fan'zine
Thought maybe some of you guys might wanna watch it
It's here -
and there'll be a written one and photos put up on her myspace pretty soon too (or so I'm told) here -
She really wants to be a journalist when she's older and is trying to get some experience so if you do check it out leave her a comment, let her know what you think of it and which bands you think her 'zine should cover =]
Ta =]
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picture help?

hello, i was wondering if anybody had some really huge TBO pictures, cause i'd really like to print them as a poster.
google failed on me and so did photobucket, so i hope you guys can help me out.
thanks a lot,
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(no subject)

the blackout were on the live lounge today on radio 1! in case you missed it you can hear the songs and the interview, as well as a few pictures here
they were awesome and hilarious as usual

Another board ;)

While I'm at it... I'm sure not all of you lovely people on here are on the official TBO board.
So come and join us?

The boys themselves are online sometimes, so if you have a question you can get a direct answer from them (if they are busy touring it can take a while though ;))

The board also got a myspace in case you wanna help promote or something.

So, click the banner above, register and say hi.
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Concert in Belgium

I saw the Blackout last night in Belgium. They were awesome of course.
There weren't even 100 people there. That was cool and sucked at the same time. They did have room to play 2 songs in the middle of the crowd though.

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The Blackout are playing the Kerrang tour!

Lineup: All Time Low, The Blackout, Young Guns & My Passion
23 Dublin, Academy
25 Southampton, Guildhall
26 Bristol, O2 Academy
27 Norwich, UEA
29 Cardiff, Great Hall
30 Birmingham, O2 Academy
31 Leeds, O2 Academy
01 Glasgow, O2 Academy
03 Newcastle, O2 Academy
04 Manchester, Academy
05 London, Roundhouse